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The Robin Foundation Joins The Fight Against Opioid Pandemic in Florida

The Robin Foundation

The Robin Foundation

Opioid Emergency Kits

Opioid Emergency Kits

Box of Narcan

Box of Narcan

Chris Cavallo, the Founder of The Robin Foundation, announced his commitment to saving lives in Florida through Free Narcan distribution and training program.

Our primary responsibility to our community is to actively get Narcan into every person's hands that is at risk to overdose !”
— Chris Cavallo
FT LAUDERDALE, FL, UNITED STATES, September 30, 2022 / -- Chris Cavallo, the Founder of The Robin Foundation, announced their commitment to saving lives in Florida through Free Narcan distribution and training program. The Founder during the interview acknowledged the efforts of his daughter and co-founder, Cristina Cavallo Frisby and expert in Harm Reduction as well as ensuring the Foundation’s success in the fight against opioid overdoses. The highlights from the interview are included below.

Tell us Chris, what inspired you to set up the Robin Foundation?

The experience of losing a loved one to an overdose has influenced our devotion to changing and saving lives. My daughter, Cristina and I established the Robin Foundation as a promise to our family members, Robin, and Stefanie, to continue helping addicts through the addiction recovery process.

Robin, my wife, was in recovery for 17 years and at that time, she was actively helping other addicts as well as being active in a 12-step program She had surgery about 20 years ago after which time the doctor prescribed opioids for her treatment. Robin had a relapse using these opioids and died soon after from an overdose. We were devastated and Stefanie never recovered from losing her mother. Stefanie died in 2019 as well from an opioid addiction. Prior to Robin’s death we promised to continue helping addicts recover .The Foundation started as a promise but is now a life commitment for Cristina and me.

Who does the Robin Foundation Serve ?

Our program primarily is for women with addiction and mental health issues which really go hand in hand. We are also available to those who may have started their journey and wish to continue with our service offerings.

Opioid overdoses is a Pandemic in the United States. Fake pills are being mass-produced and sold as prescription pills. One of our volunteer’s brother took 1 Zanax pill and died because it was pure fentanyl. The Robin Foundation makes available Free Narcan to manage such situations. When Narcan is administered in time, it reverses the effect of the overdose so the victim can be resuscitated until they receive professional medical care.

Is The Robin Foundation certified to distribute Narcan?

Yes, The Robin Foundation is certified by Florida Department of Children and Family Services as a distributor of Narcan in South Florida.

When Narcan is distributed, how do the recipients know how to use?

Every individual that receives Narcan from our volunteer’s is given instructions on how to use Narcan in case of an overdose emergency or they can go to our website and see our on-line training .We also emphasize that Narcan is not a substitute for medical care or recovery from addiction. Our free training sessions are intended for organizations, individuals, and families. We follow the Department of Children and Family Services model so it is consistent ,thorough and lifesaving.

How does the Foundation fund the supply of Narcan and trainings on Opioid ?

The Robin Foundation is a not-for-profit and we depend on donations from the public, fundraising events and website purchases. We are grateful to anyone that supports our mission and vision of not only saving lives but providing a program of recovery for those in need .

Do you think the Florida Government is doing enough in the fight against the opioid pandemic?

The opioid pandemic is larger than the government is ready to admit especially in respect of illicit fentanyl production. Most of the victims of this epidemic are not aware that the drugs consumed contain fentanyl. One way to detect fentanyl in drugs is through fentanyl test strips, but in Florida, the possession or distribution of these strips is illegal. The government believes that having the strips in one’s possession will encourage the use of drugs. However, it is time for us to weigh the pros against the cons because even the schoolchildren who are exposed to drugs are susceptible to dying from fentanyl consumption. This epidemic poses a threat to the younger generation within our community as the marketing of rainbow fentanyl has been on the rise. It has never been safe to consume drugs, but the risk is much higher since fentanyl is now used in marijuana.

It is no doubt that fentanyl is manufactured in China and smuggled into our borders through Mexico. The government should take necessary steps to curb the inflow of these drugs at the Mexico border. We must get better control of our borders, which the government should consider this as a line of action. The truth is, Isotonitazene (ISO) is twenty times stronger than fentanyl, while fentanyl is over fifty times stronger than heroin and morphine and these too are in our streets. These synthetic opioids when abused ,influence the brain and lives of its victims. Police action should also be taken to preserve the serenity of our community. We commend the actions of our Broward County Sheriff who supports the administration of Narcan in cases involving an overdose. This is an pandemic in which we all have a role to play, including our business leaders, as the capacity of the healthcare unit and law enforcement is becoming overwhelmed.

How do you know so much about this?

The credit goes to my daughter, Cristina, the co-founder of Robin Foundation. As I mentioned before she is an expert in “Harm Reduction”, so most of the strategies we have been able to implement in the Foundation is credited to her expertise. She is actively involved in the treatment and recovery coaching of persons suffering from Opioid Use Disorder (OUD). It is our commitment to create awareness around this issue and continue saving lives within the Community as well as women that will enter our program of recovery

For more information about The Robin Foundation as well as receiving Free Narcan & Training you can visit the website You can also partner with the Robin Foundation in the fight against the opioid epidemic through the Narcan trainings or by supporting the distribution of Narcan to people, families and businesses that need it

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Fox News Interview with The Robin Foundation Founders Cristina & Chris Cavallo

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