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Rising Star Motion Picture 777’s New Single Y.W.B. (Damn Now) Has Now Reached 20,000 Views on the Youtube Platform

Rising Star Motion Picture 777 looking at his Rolex

Rising Star Motion Picture 777

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Motion Picture 777 Logo

Motion Picture 777 Logo

Motion Picture 777 celebrates his new single Y.W.B. (Damn Now) from his anticipated, yet to be titled sophomore EP

I started off with the intention of using my fame to be a positive pillar for the community when I get to the point of stardom”
— Motion Picture 777

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 28, 2022 / -- Rising star Motion Picture 777’s (A.K.A. Trey 7) new single Y.W.B. (Damn Now), from his anticipated Sophomore EP has reached 20,000+ views on the YouTube platform. YouTube has created countless mega stars and continues to be the platform for people to watch their favorite music artists such as Drake, Nicki Minaj, Nipsey Hussle, The Weekend, and The Migos just to name a few.

Y.W.B. (Damn Now) is the artist expressing overcoming his struggles with life, the streets and now that he is executing his plan for success, the jealousy from haters is clearly apparent. “Let’s be real… a lot of people are really not happy for you and your success. It’s something ugly in our society and I just felt like expressing that in my music.” says the 25-year-old recording artist.

“I love YouTube” says New York, Native Motion Picture 777. “It’s my go to for just about everything; from learning about music production, science, psychology, meditation and listening to my favorite music.”

Motion Picture 777’s name was inspired by his life. “I was at home on two different nights, and I was sitting down and I had the intention of creating a pseudonym for a few weeks and all of a sudden “Motion Picture” came to my mind and then a few days later the numbers “777” came to mind and I realized that was my birth date. 7-7-1996 (1+9+9+6=25 and 2+5=7). I learned that’s how numbers are counted in numerology and I thought that was different and cool so I ran with it. I stringed the Motion Picture together with the 777 and said ‘that’s my name’ to myself. And I always had eyes on me everywhere I went and people pointed that out to me, so I felt like Tupac when he said All Eyez On Me and I was inspired by him, so I said let me be like he was and spread love to the younger generation and talk to them about changing their ways for the better like Pac was doing... I started off with the intention of using my fame to be a positive pillar for the community when I get to the point of stardom.”

Young Wealthy Bosses Records, L.L.C. is the creation of recording artist Motion Picture 777.

Born in East Village, New York and raised in the East Village/Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, Motion Picture 777 discovered his love of music when he first heard the soundtracks in his favorite childhood movies. One of his first favorite songs was “Who Let the Dogs Out” by Baha Men, which was in the Rugrats In Paris movie. That then turned into Usher, 50 Cent, Tupac, Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G., Fabolous, etc. He received acoustic guitar lessons from the renowned Third Street Music School in the East Village, followed by electric guitar lessons and then piano lessons. “I started by playing around with a real guitar when I was 3-4 years old. I wasn’t any good, but I knew how to strum. When I got older I received the video game Guitar Hero as a gift and I’ve been in love with the guitar ever since. That video game inspired me to get good at playing the real guitar and I got to a point where I was really good. Fast forward a few years, I hit high school and I stopped playing due to distractions and hanging out in the ‘hood with friends.”

“As I got older, like around 19 years old, I started experimenting with different instruments/sounds and I got into music engineering and music production once again. I’m just a creative soul.”

Besides his budding music career Motion Picture 777 ‘s entrepreneurial spirit is demonstrated with his own fashion line Spirit Heart Gold. A graduate of the world renowned Fashion Institute of Technology. “I love to create” says the New York native, “anything from jeans, to sneakers, to masks. I started my business during the pandemic. I saw there was a need for masks in my community so I made some contacts in China, created a few designs and sold them online and gave some to family and friends.” “Right now, I’m just concentrating on my music, but my goal is to help kids get off the street and learn about big business, stocks, real estate, etc. We need to help uplift the next generation and I want to be a big part of that.”

Question: M.P. What is this whole “Hood President” thing that I hear you talk about?

M.P. 777:
“It’s an initiative that combats poverty and ignorance in the ‘hood. That’s the simplest way to put it. My goals/intentions are to create jobs, clothe/feed the homeless and needy, provide educational/athletic programs for the youth and struggling adults as well. I want to teach real estate, computer science, foreign languages, etc. All the stuff that I either wish I did when I was younger, had time to do, or wish I could’ve done more of. When you think of the President, you think of progress. I intend to teach people how to follow their hearts and start up businesses in their hoods that are positive, that they love and that put food on the table. Show them how to show love to their community and help one another up because that’s how you get to the top.”

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Y.W.B. (Damn Now) [Official Video]

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